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You're just a wololo away from joining the tribe

With subscriptions and donations you can help support the development, hosting and maintenance, and keep AOE2.GG alive.

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Wololo pro

  • Custom Vanity Link to your profile
  • Golden username on leaderboard and profile
  • Add more than 3 external links to your profile
  • Get a Wololo badge on profile and Discord
  • Access to a private Discord chat
  • Voting rights for upcoming features and more
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40% Discount Code: LAUNCH40

Wololo plus

  • Everything Wololo Pro has
  • Early access to new features
  • Streamers will receive a live indicator in name
  • Streamers will get featured on mainpage
  • Streamers will gain access to Live Dashboard
  • Access Overlay Studio Beta
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Perks & benefits

Custom Vanity Link

Share an easy to remember and unique link of your choice to your friends, clans, discord channels or your very own community.

Spoiler Block

For those who'd like to watch VODs and replays before knowing the outcome - especially if you're a caster of tournaments.

Golden Username

Show off your Golden Username on all ladders and across the site symbolizing that you're a part of this tribe.

Early Access

Get the VIP treatment and gain early access to new features months before public release. Design the feature future with us.

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